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Mastering Edition 1.5

Mastering Edition is a combined mastering tool for creating excellent sounds
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Steinberg Canada

The Mastering Edition 1.5 is a complete mastering tool. Here is an opportunity to add life and excitement to your mix using this software to master the sounds.

The Mastering Edition 1.5 package is a complete collection of high quality plug-ins for VST and DirectX-based host audio applications. Mastering Edition is designed to satisfy all your audio mastering needs: the package provides you with the tools needed to create the best quality audio mastering. The Loudness Maximizer tool is capable of increasing the level of the audio signal. Spectralizer is capable of enhancing and synthesizing high-end frequencies. You have a thirty band equalizer meant to analyze sound curves of audio files. You can match any curve with another file using the Learn-Source/Destination function.

The package comes with five freely adjustable Multiband equalizing compressors to manipulate high and the low end frequencies to produce sound of better quality. You will have an excellent tool called SpectroGraph to identify trouble frequencies and remove them using filtering. Any phase problems with will be shown immediately by the PhaseScope tool.
Mastering a sound has never been easier.

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